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Collect data, process information, gain knowledge.

The overflow of data makes it difficult to keep track of processes and key figures. This means that data, which often contains a great deal of potential, remains unused. Yet valuable knowledge could be derived from this data through intelligent processing and used many times over.

Sylagon offers an automated process that helps you to merge your data from different sources and to prepare them in an optimal and visually appealing way. The created visualizations can be used in many ways: from interactive exploration of the data, over the creation of internal dashboards, up to the integration into your own web application.


Potential of your data

Companies do not exploit the potential of their existing data because they often lack the technical know-how or are overwhelmed by the amount of data. This affects small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large international corporations in all industries. In order to remain competitive in the age of digitalization and to be prepared for the future, it is essential for companies to gain knowledge from their own data and to communicate it visually.


We offer a complete automation of all steps, with which data can be visualized in an uncomplicated way. Our platform accompanies you from the import of the data, through the creation of the visualization, to the export of the visualization, for example into a dashboard or your own website. If the underlying data changes, no additional effort is required, as the visualizations are automatically updated even after an export.



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