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Great Storytelling

Allow readers to explore the stories you are telling through interactive visualizations and increase the time they spend reading your articles.

Simple Integration

Embed our hosted visualizations as small code snippets in your online articles or download them as vector graphics which are ready for printing.

Customizable Looks

Define how visualizations should look for both online and print by setting fonts, sizes and colors to match the look and feel of your custom design.


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What is Sylagon and how does it work?

Sylagon is a platform for creating data visualizations in form of simple charts.

It works by uploading a CSV file or filling out a table of values. Sylagon then analyzes the input and gives you a set of visualization options which make the most sense for the given data.

You can choose between these visualization options and do further customizations. When you are happy with the final result, you can export the visualization as an embeddable code snippet for your website, or you can download a print-friendly vector graphic for your document.

How much does Sylagon cost?

Try Sylagon for free, there is no payment information required. You can create as many datasets and visualizations as you like.

However, we will regularly delete datasets and visualizations of unregistered users. After registration no deletions will occur.

What kind of data visualizations can I create with Sylagon?

This is the first release of Sylagon. You can create basic charts with standard customization options. We are working on more advanced visualization types and additional customization options.

Do I need to be a visualization expert to use Sylagon?

No, Sylagon focuses on a clean user interface with a fast and simple process for creating visualizations. It runs various analysis and detection steps in the background, and comes up with meaningful visualization options to assist you in the creation process.


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